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Artificiаl Rattan Furniture

Model: IR12 MIR
Dimensions: 150 / 80cm.Material: artificial rattanColor: whiteWeight: 10.00kgThe rattan table is 150 cm long and 80 cm high. The table has a glass top and a metal frame. The sides of the hob are intertwined with rattan. Ideal for combining with some of our chairs. The table is available in white onl..
250.00 лв
Model: Bistro
Dimensions:Chair: 58х61х82cmMaterial:Chair: artificial rattanTable:Screen: WeralizitStand: cast ironSet Bistro consists of 4 chairs made of artificial rattan and table made of cast iron stand and weralizit top.The set in UV and waterproof, making it an awesome offer when furnishing summer garde..
550.00 лв
Model: C100
The set C100 includes 4 armchairs and 1 round table.Model: C100Color: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 32.00kgThe set is beautifully designed and is suitable for relaxing after a hard day or simply relaxing in the garden.It is easy to maintain and clean...
550.00 лв 700.00 лв
Model: IR06
Model: IR06Size: 58х60х85sm.Color: CoffeeMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgThe chair is very easy and comfortable to clean.It is suitable for home, garden and for the furnishing of bars and restaurants.Its construction is lightweight and makes it easily portable...
99.00 лв 140.00 лв
Model: BR84
Model: BR84Sizes: 46x61x78smColor: IvoryMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgWith a classic look, BR84 is preferred for furnishing houses and gardens in a variety of styles.The chair is made with a light but strong frame and clean, elegant knit. ..
80.00 лв 100.00 лв
Model: Mandanal
Model: MandanalTable size: 80х80х75sm. The thickness of the hob: 5sm.Foot size: 10х10sm.Chair size: 57х60х90cmMaterial: natural rattan, woodWeight: 60.00kgThe set includes 4 chairs and a square table.The rattan set is an interesting combination of wood and rattan.The wooden table, combined with..
600.00 лв 850.00 лв
Model: IR05-1
Model: IR05-1Material: artificial rattanColor: whiteWeight: 6.00kg..
80.00 лв
Model: BR8004
Garden set including four armchairs and a table with glass.Model: BR8004Material: Artificial (PVC) RattanChair size: 61х58х84cmTable size: 113х113х75cmTable thickness: 5mmColor: CoffeeWeight: 32.00kgA modern set suitable for gardens, restaurants, and cafeterias. BR8004 includes four comfortable..
500.00 лв
Model: BR84
Rattan set BR84 includes four chairs and table with glass trop.Model: BR84Chair size: 57х65х95sm.Table size: 100х100х75sm.Color: ivoryMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 32.00kgPrice for rattan set: 480,00 BGNPrice for 5 sets: 350,00 BGN for a setRattan set with elegant and delicate ivory ..
480.00 лв
Model: SB
Model: BistroSize: 58х61х82sm.Material: Artificial (PVC) Rattan Weight: 6.00kgChair Bistro with interesting construction - combination of metal and PVC rattan. The frames are made of metal, and the seat and back of artificial rattan.The chair is available in two varieties - dark and light ratta..
79.00 лв 100.00 лв
Model: IR09
Model: BistroDimensions: 58х61х82cmMaterial: artificial rattanFrames: metalWeight: 6.00kgThe frames of the Bistro chair are made of metal, seat, and back of PVC rattan. The chair is sturdy and durable in all climatic conditions.Suitable for outdoor furnishing...
79.00 лв 100.00 лв
Model: BR
Model: Sen TropeSize: 65х65х90sm.Color: WhiteMaterial: Natural Rattan Weight: 6.00kgChair made of artificial rattan, suitable for the furnishing of summer gardens, restaurants, hotels.Available in stock in white...
180.00 лв
Model: IR05
Model: IR05Size: 68х65х78smColor: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgThe back of the chair is in holes and the armrests are rounded.The rattan chair has a durable construction and a healthy knit.The chair is comfortable, easy to clean and maintain...
80.00 лв 90.00 лв
Model: IR02
Model: IR02Size: 57х49х78sm.Color: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgThe chair is comfortable and easy to move.Does not require special maintenance or cleaning.Ideal for home and garden...
80.00 лв
Model: BR4050
Model: BR4050Size: 56х53х88sm.Color: WengeMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgThe backrest of the chair is in holes, the armrests are made with interlaced rattan.Rattan furniture is very durable and durable...
60.00 лв 90.00 лв
Model: IR03 (BR 4050)
Model: IR 03  (BR4050) Size: 56х53х88sm.Color: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC) Rattan Weight: 6.00kgThe armrests are interwoven with a rattan and the back is in holes.The chair has a sturdy and stable frame and a durable knit.Does not require special cleaning or maintenance...
60.00 лв 90.00 лв
Model: IR07
Model: IR07Dimensions: 69x55x80cmMaterial: artificial rattanColor: whte, coffeeWeight: 6.00kgDesigner chair made of beautiful knitted artificial rattan.The artificial rattan makes the chair durable in any weather.The chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.The BR6017 chair is lightweight a..
89.00 лв
Model: BR88
Model: BR88Material: artificial rattanColor: brownWeight: 6.00kgPrice for 1pc: 90,00lv with VATPrice for more than 40pc: 79,00lv with VAT The chair is made of metal frame and artificial rattan in brown color. Chair Miramar has interesting knits that make it suitable for furnishing hotels and resta..
90.00 лв
Model: IR04
Model: IR04Material: artificial rattanColor: whiteWeight: 6.00kgChair made of artificial rattan in white color.The rattan chair is suitable for all weather conditions.With its elegant appearance and interesting design, the chair is suitable for furnishing hotels and restaurants.Lightweight, eas..
90.00 лв
Model: BR14-222
Model: BR14-222Size: 56х59х80cmMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanColor: CreamWeight: 6.00kgCushion: NoRecommended for both for indoor and outdoor use, BR14-222 is made with light construction and a soft design to fit different interiors perfectly...
70.00 лв
Model: BR81
Model: BR81Dimensions: 68x65x78cmColor: coffeeWeight: 6.00kgChair made of artificial rattan in brown color.The chair has a metal construction that makes it sturdy and durable.The syntetic rattan used to make Tenerife chair contributes to its strength, UV and water resistance.The chair can be us..
90.00 лв
Model: ER07
Model: ER07Size: 57х60х95cmMaterial: Frame: natural rattanSeat and back: artificial rattanWeight: 6.00kgAn interesting proposition combining synthetic and natural rattan.The chair frames are made of natural rattan, and the seat and back are made of artificial rattan.Extremely comfortable a..
99.00 лв 120.00 лв
Model: C100
Model: C100Dimensions: 68х69х82sm.Color: whiteMaterial: artificial rattanWeight: 6.00kgChair made of artificial rattan in white color.The chair has an interesting mesh.The material from which the chair is made makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.The chair is lightweight, easy to c..
100.00 лв 145.00 лв
Model: BR1050
Model: BR1050Size: 80х72sm.Color: White, CoffeeMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 10kgThe table is made of quality materials and has an exquisite appearance.It is suitable for furnishing gardens, restaurants, hotels and also for every home.Easy to maintain and clean...
150.00 лв
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