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Artificiаl Rattan Furniture

Artificiаl Rattan Furniture
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Artificial rattan table

Dimensions: 150 / 80cm.Material: artificial rattanColor: whiteWeight: 10.00kgThe rattan table is 150..

250.00 лв

Bistro Set

Dimensions:Chair: 58х61х82cmMaterial:Chair: artificial rattanTable:Screen: WeralizitStand: cast..

550.00 лв

Rattan Set Neron

The set C100 includes 4 armchairs and 1 round table.Model: C100Color: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC..

700.00 лв 550.00 лв

Chair Spirit

Model: BR14-02Size: 58х60х85sm.Color: CoffeeMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgThe ..

140.00 лв 99.00 лв

Chair Avici

Model: BR84Sizes: 46x61x78smColor: IvoryMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgWith a classi..

100.00 лв 80.00 лв

Rattan Set Mandanal

Model: MandanalTable size: 80х80х75sm. The thickness of the hob: 5sm.Foot size: 10х10sm.Chair s..

850.00 лв

Chair Augusta

Model: BR126Material: artificial rattanColor: whiteWeight: 6.00kg..

0.00 лв

Rattan set Adisan

Garden set including four armchairs and a table with glass.Model: BR8004Material: Artificial (P..

500.00 лв

Rattan Set Avici

Rattan set BR84 includes four chairs and table with glass trop.Model: BR84Chair size: 57х65х95sm.Tab..

480.00 лв

Chair Bistro dark

Model: BistroSize: 58х61х82sm.Material: Artificial (PVC) Rattan Weight: 6.00kgChair Bistro with..

100.00 лв 79.00 лв

Chair Bistro light

Model: BistroDimensions: 58х61х82cmMaterial: artificial rattanFrames: metalWeight: 6.00kgThe frames ..

100.00 лв 79.00 лв

Chair Sen Trope

Model: Sen TropeSize: 65х65х90sm.Color: WhiteMaterial: Natural Rattan Weight: 6.00kgChair made of ar..

180.00 лв

Chair Laguna

Model: BR79Size: 68х65х78smColor: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgThe back of th..

90.00 лв

Chair Vigo white

Model: BR3050Size: 57х49х78sm.Color: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgThe chair i..

80.00 лв

Chair Monaco

Model: BR4050Size: 56х53х88sm.Color: WengeMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgThe backres..

90.00 лв 60.00 лв

Chair Monaco white

Model: BR4050 Size: 56х53х88sm.Color: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC) Rattan Weight: 6.00k..

90.00 лв 60.00 лв

Chair Tiara

Model: BR6017Dimensions: 69x55x80cmMaterial: artificial rattanColor: whte, coffeeWeight: 6.00kgDesig..

89.00 лв

Chair Miramar

Model: BR88Material: artificial rattanColor: brownWeight: 6.00kgPrice for 1pc: 90,00lv with VATPrice..

90.00 лв

Chair Miramar white

Model: BR88Material: artificial rattanColor: whiteWeight: 6.00kgChair made of artificial rattan in w..

90.00 лв

Chair Palermo

Model: BR14-222Size: 56х59х80cmMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanColor: CreamWeight: 6.00kgCushi..

80.00 лв