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Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment
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Swing scales model NF21

Model: NF21Size: 148x35x48смMaterial: plasticCradle scales will be a great addition to a playgr..

139.00 лв

Chairs with bears

Size: 52х24х26sm.Weight: 1.85kgColors: Yellow, Red, Blue, GreenThey can be an element of every ..

32.00 лв

Curves mirrors 266f

Model: 266fSet of curved mirrors animals. Interesting forms of different animals. The mirrors a..

265.00 лв

Cylinder- soft play form

Model: MF000015Cylinder Ø600 mm, height 300mm - Price: 101,00 BGN./num. VAT includedCylinder Ø6..

46.00 лв

Plastic Ride Fish

Size: 103х34х86.50smColor: Red, Green,  Yellow, BlueWeight: 5.50kgMaximum weight: 30kg.Material..

95.00 лв

Plastic table Snake 258c

Model: 258cHeight: 50cmDiameter of the table: f127cmWeight: 11.65kgMaterial: plasticThe table is on ..

252.00 лв

Pre-assembled circle or bridge 4 parts

Size: 1.26x0.50mMaterial: plasticSuitable for children's play centers.Also sold separately, price 10..

385.00 лв

Set of shapes with a pool

Dimensions: 2х0.4х0.8mMaterial: foam and vinyl with high thicknessThe set contains 3 soft shapes:- s..

765.00 лв

Set of soft shapes №2

Dimensions: 280x60x60cm.Material: high density foam and vinyl 450 g / m2A set of 3 soft shapes made ..

1,150.00 лв 950.00 лв

Set of soft shapes №3

Material: High density foam and vinylColor: pink, red, yellow, blueThe set consists of 4 elements ma..

950.00 лв

Stool Ladybird

Dimensions: 32x25x26cm.Weight: 0.730 kg.Children's stroller Ladybird, with detachable construction.S..

12.00 лв


Trap 600/600/300 / 70mm - Price: 89,00 lv./num. Trap 600/600/600 / 70mm / - Price: 109,00 lv./n..

89.00 лв

Big and little wheel - soft play form

Model: MF000001Dimensions of the Big wheel: 1200/600 mmDimensions of the Little wheel: 600..

98.00 лв