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Soft play equipment & toys

Soft play equipment & toys
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Soft stool Frog

Model: IKH0022Dimensions: 30/30/30cmMaterial: foam and vinylColor: greenChildren's stool for yo..

48.00 лв

Soft barriers

Size: custom madeMaterial: foam and vinylColors: customSoft element for children's playground equipm..

0.00 лв

Fun Math Game

Dimensions:- 20x20x20cm- 30x30x30cmMaterial: high-density foam and vinylKids Math Fun Math game made..

0.00 лв

Polyethylene balls

Model: EP0032Dimensions: diameter 8cmMaterial: polyethyleneThe polyethylene balls have a diamet..

0.20 лв

Soft pool

Dimensions: 100/100 / 20cmMaterial: foam and vinylColor: pink, purpleThe inflatable pool is made of ..

0.00 лв

Soft stool kitten

Color: orangeMaterial: foam and vinylSoft stool with look of Kitten. She is suitable for kid's ..

48.00 лв

Soft stool cow

Color: BlueMaterial: foam and vinylSmall stool Cow in blue color.Can be used as an element of a play..

48.00 лв

Soft stool chicken

Color: YellowMaterial: foam and vinylThe stool is in yellow color.Made of high-quality materials.The..

48.00 лв

Soft stool piggy

Color: PinkForm: PiggyWe have got a big collection of soft stools in different forms. They are ..

48.00 лв

Coral fish - soft play toy

Material: foam with a high thicknessSoft shape - Coral fish non-wilting.Lightweight and easily ..

265.00 лв

Turtle - soft play toy

Materials: high-quality vinyl and foam with a high thicknessThe soft form is safe for children.She i..

265.00 лв

Elephant - soft play toy

Material: vinyl and foamThe elephant is suitable for furnishings for children's facilities.It is saf..

265.00 лв

Dolphin - soft play form

Demensions:-1700х500х200mm-1200х500х200mmMaterial: foam and vinylSoft form Dolphin can be ..

276.00 лв

Turtle - soft play toy swinging

Material: high-quality vinyl and foam with a high thicknessRolling soft turtle for young children.It..

276.00 лв

Soft shape Whale

Dimensions: 100x50x20cmMaterial: vinylColor: blueImages: print vinylA soft swing in the form of a bl..

0.00 лв

Green man - soft play toy swinging double

Material:  high-quality vinyl and foam with a high thicknessThe soft form Green Man is dou..

330.00 лв

Soft form Shark

Dimensions: 100x50x20cmMaterial: vinylImages: print vinylAn interesting soft tune for 2 children wit..

0.00 лв

Soft shape Octopus - double

Dimensions: 100x50x20cmMaterial: vynilImage: print vynilChildren's swing made of soft materials - vi..

0.00 лв

Soft sofa

Material: foam and vinylSoft sofa for children.The sofa is made from foam and vinyl.Safety and in be..

1,200.00 лв

Puzzle block

Material: foam and vinylPuzzle is a game to develop the child's imagination.The puzzle is made of vi..

1,052.00 лв