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Soft play equipment & toys

Model: IKH0022
Model: IKH0022Dimensions: 30/30/30cmMaterial: foam and vinylColor: greenChildren's stool for young children - Frog.The stool is suitable for furnishing of kindergartens, nurseries, children's centers and corners.Made of vinyl and foam.Easy to clean...
48.00 лв
Model: Soft barriers
Size: custom madeMaterial: foam and vinylColors: customSoft element for children's playground equipment - barrier. The soft shape is custom made and can be in different sizes and colors...
0.00 лв
Model: Игра "Забавна Математика"
Dimensions:- 20x20x20cm- 30x30x30cmMaterial: high-density foam and vinylKids Math Fun Math game made of high-density foam and vinyl.Children's play comes in sizes: 20x20x20cm and 30x30x30cm.The soft game is custom made.It is suitable for furnishing of nurseries, gardens, and creches. The game develo..
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Model: EP0032
Model: EP0032Dimensions: diameter 8cmMaterial: polyethyleneThe polyethylene balls have a diameter of 8 cm and come in different colors. The balls are suitable for placement in dry pools.For sale in 500 sacks of one color...
0.20 лв
Model: Soft pool
Dimensions: 100/100 / 20cmMaterial: foam and vinylColor: pink, purpleThe inflatable pool is made of high-quality vinyl and high-density foam.Made to order. It can be made in sizes as desired...
0.00 лв
Model: IKH0023
Color: orangeMaterial: foam and vinylSoft stool with look of Kitten. She is suitable for kid's centers.Easy to clean and carry.Carefully protected and comfortable for the comfort of children...
48.00 лв
Model: IKH0024
Color: BlueMaterial: foam and vinylSmall stool Cow in blue color.Can be used as an element of a playground or a garden.High-quality vinyl and foam with high thickness are used for manufacturing.Convenient and easily portable...
48.00 лв
Model: IKH0025
Color: YellowMaterial: foam and vinylThe stool is in yellow color.Made of high-quality materials.The stool is secured, which ensures the carefree and safe play of the kids...
48.00 лв
Model: IKH0026
Color: PinkForm: PiggyWe have got a big collection of soft stools in different forms. They are very interesting for children and are suitable for every children's center or every home.The soft form is safe and comfortable...
48.00 лв
Model: MK
Material: foam with a high thicknessSoft shape - Coral fish non-wilting.Lightweight and easily portable.Made to order.The inside of the fish is made of foam.With fresh colors and child-resistant, the soft shape is a great addition to the children's play...
265.00 лв
Model: MF
Materials: high-quality vinyl and foam with a high thicknessThe soft form is safe for children.She is a suitable element for every kid's center...
265.00 лв
Model: MK
Material: vinyl and foamThe elephant is suitable for furnishings for children's facilities.It is safe and unlikely that children will be injured.Soft foam, vinyl and velcro are used to make the soft shape...
265.00 лв
Model: IKH0020
Demensions:-1700х500х200mm-1200х500х200mmMaterial: foam and vinylSoft form Dolphin can be used like different elements in children's centers.Easy to carry and maintain...
276.00 лв
Model: MF
Material: high-quality vinyl and foam with a high thicknessRolling soft turtle for young children.It is safe and attracts children's attention.The turtle consists of vinyl, foam and velcro.Made to order...
276.00 лв
Model: MF-02
Dimensions: 100x50x20cmMaterial: vinylColor: blueImages: print vinylA soft swing in the form of a blue whale. The image on the soft shape is a vinyl print.The swing has dimensions of 100x50x20cm.The soft shape is made with high quality materials...
0.00 лв
Model: MF000002
Material:  high-quality vinyl and foam with a high thicknessThe soft form Green Man is double.The goal is to have fun together.It is made of thick foam and vinyl with a picture.The image is stamped.The soft shape is made in sizes at the customer's request...
330.00 лв
Model: MF-01
Dimensions: 100x50x20cmMaterial: vinylImages: print vinylAn interesting soft tune for 2 children with print vinyl image of a shark.Made of high quality vinyl and high density foam...
0.00 лв
Model: MF-03
Dimensions: 100x50x20cmMaterial: vynilImage: print vynilChildren's swing made of soft materials - vinyl.On the front of the baby swing is an octopus image. The image is vinyl print.The soft swing is attractive and entice children's attention.The swing is double.Suitable for furnishing of children's ..
0.00 лв
Model: MF
Material: foam and vinylSoft sofa for children.The sofa is made from foam and vinyl.Safety and in beautiful fresh colors.Available in different colors...
1,200.00 лв
Model: MF000011
Material: foam and vinylPuzzle is a game to develop the child's imagination.The puzzle is made of vinyl and foam.Easy to carry and clean.Suitable for children up to 5 years of age...
1,052.00 лв
Model: MF000010
Dimensions: 120/60cm.Thickness: 30cm.Material: foam with high thickness and vinylIt can also be made in other sizes.Made of foam with high thickness and vinyl (450 g / m2).The shape is suitable for kindergartens and corners.For children under 5 years of age...
143.00 лв
Model: MF
Dimensions of the feet: 600/600/600mmMaterial: foam and vinylThey are safe and suitable for kindergartens.They are made of foam and vinyl.The soft shapes are secure and made especially for the comfort and fun of the children...
130.00 лв
Model: MF
Model: MF000015Cylinder Ø600 mm, height 300mm - Price: 101,00 BGN./num. VAT includedCylinder Ø600 mm, height 600mm - Price: 151,00 BGN./num. VAT includedCylinder Ø600 mm, height 800mm - Price: 186,00 BGN / pc. VAT includedCylinder Ø300 mm, height 600 mm - Price: 71,00 BGN./num. VAT in..
46.00 лв
Model: 1
Dimensions: 2х0.4х0.8mMaterial: foam and vinyl with high thicknessThe set contains 3 soft shapes:- slope- pool- a ladderCatalog number: 1..
765.00 лв
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