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Play Equipment & Toys

Play Equipment & Toys
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Plastic slide with swing LH-03

Model: LH-03Size: 169x170x122smMaterial: plasticThe slide has a swing attached to it.The colors on i..

380.00 лв 290.00 лв

Luminous plastic kiddie ride Duck

Material: plasticColor: yellowChildren's plastic, patent-shaped clutch. The kiddie ride is single. T..

95.00 лв 85.00 лв

Luminous plastic kiddie ride Rooster

Material: plasticColor: red / green / blue / white / yellowThe kiddie ride is single. The baby swing..

95.00 лв 85.00 лв

Luminous plastic kiddie ride Swan

Material: plasticColor: white / blue / yellow / greenThe kiddie ride is single. The baby swing is lu..

95.00 лв 85.00 лв

Bouncing rubber balls 32mm

Bouncing rubber balls of size 32mm suitable for machines.A great attraction for children.Minimum qua..

0.20 лв

Bouncing rubber balls 45mm

Bouncing rubber balls with a size of 45mm.Minimum order quantity 400 pcs.Rubber balls suitable for m..

0.50 лв

Children car G255

Model: G255Material: plasticColors: yellow, orange, greenChildren's plastic wheelchair in fresh colo..

280.00 лв 220.00 лв

Climbing wall Мermaid

Dimensions: 2.40х2.40mWeight: 65.00kgChildren's climbing wall with interesting shapes and motifs. Th..

650.00 лв

Grass soft flooring

Dimensions: 100х100cmThickness: 2cmColor: greenThe flooring is suitable for laying on floors or wall..

32.00 лв

Safety flooring 2cm

Model: P002Dimensions: 100x100cmPavement thickness: 2cm.Available colors: yellow, red, green, blueWe..

25.00 лв

Safety pavement P001

Model: P001Dimensions: 1.00х1.00mWeight: 2.5cmMaterial: rubberColor: red, greenShock absorbing ..

38.00 лв

Safety pavement P004

Model: P004Dimensions: 1.00х1.00m.Thickness: 1.3cmWeight: 1.42kgColor: yellow, green, red, blueSafet..

18.90 лв

Spiral Balls Machine BR-04

Model: BR-04Size: 139cm heightContainer Globe: 40cmThe ball machine works with a coin.The elect..

795.00 лв

Spiral Balls Machine BR-05

Model: BR-05Size: 130 cm heightContainer Globe: 40cmAvailable in two colors: yellow and redAn attrac..

725.00 лв

Water soft flooring

Dimensions: 100х100cmThickness: 2cmColor: blueSafety pavement has water motifs.The flooring is sold ..

32.00 лв

Balancing beams 219Е

Size: 598х415х20sm.Material: plasticCount beams: 4Prefabricated plastic beams for balancing 4 pieces..

790.00 лв 635.00 лв

Slide with a small swing model 424

Model: 424Size: 170х173х138smMaterial: plasticPlastic small slide with swing.Not recommended fo..

380.00 лв 290.00 лв

Kiddie plastic table

Size: 1.10х0.60mWeight : 8,30 kg.Material: plasticThe plastic table is an ideal addition for childre..

125.00 лв 110.00 лв

Swing slide C87-A

Model: C87-ASize: 170х170х130sm.Material: plasticThe slide is in fresh colors and has interesti..

360.00 лв

Swinging Elephant

Colors: Red, Yellow, BlueMaterial: plasticComplement the children's game with a great elephant-like ..

75.00 лв 65.00 лв