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Playground Equipment

Model: C87-B
Model: C87-BSize: 170х170х130sm.Material: plasticThe slide is in fresh colors and has interesting motifs.Not recommended for professional use...
290.00 лв
Model: LH-03
Model: LH-03Size: 169x170x122smMaterial: plasticThe slide has a swing attached to it.The colors on it are fresh and colorful.Not recommended for professional use...
290.00 лв 380.00 лв
Model: IKH0022
Model: IKH0022Dimensions: 30/30/30cmMaterial: foam and vinylColor: greenChildren's stool for young children - Frog.The stool is suitable for furnishing of kindergartens, nurseries, children's centers and corners.Made of vinyl and foam.Easy to clean...
48.00 лв
Model: SPK
Material: plasticColor: yellowChildren's plastic, patent-shaped clutch. The kiddie ride is single. The baby swing is luminous.The rides are powered by batteries...
85.00 лв 95.00 лв
Model: SPK1
Material: plasticColor: red / green / blue / white / yellowThe kiddie ride is single. The baby swing is luminous.The kiddie rides are powered by batteries...
85.00 лв 95.00 лв
Model: SPK2
Material: plasticColor: white / blue / yellow / greenThe kiddie ride is single. The baby swing is luminous.The rides are powered by batteries...
85.00 лв 95.00 лв
Model: Soft barriers
Size: custom madeMaterial: foam and vinylColors: customSoft element for children's playground equipment - barrier. The soft shape is custom made and can be in different sizes and colors...
0.00 лв
Model: 32
Bouncing rubber balls of size 32mm suitable for machines.A great attraction for children.Minimum quantity for order 500 pieces...
0.20 лв
Model: 45
Bouncing rubber balls with a size of 45mm.Minimum order quantity 400 pcs.Rubber balls suitable for machines.Interesting and entertaining, a great way to please small children...
0.50 лв
Model: G255
Model: G255Material: plasticColors: yellow, orange, greenChildren's plastic wheelchair in fresh colors.The trolley is an appropriate addition to any children's center...
220.00 лв 280.00 лв
Model: SK
Dimensions: 2.40х2.40mWeight: 65.00kgChildren's climbing wall with interesting shapes and motifs. The rock climbing wall has the shape of Mermaid and is 2.40 to 2.40 m in size.It can be made with sizes and an optional image.Made to order...
650.00 лв
Model: Football table
Dimensions: 135x78x80cmCoin: 2 piecesDisplay: yesТhe football table is powered and includes 2 coins, a display that reports the correct score and 10 balls to play.The football table is a perfect offer for placement in resorts, sports centers, hotels, and restaurants. Available in different colo..
1,410.00 лв
Model: Игра "Забавна Математика"
Dimensions:- 20x20x20cm- 30x30x30cmMaterial: high-density foam and vinylKids Math Fun Math game made of high-density foam and vinyl.Children's play comes in sizes: 20x20x20cm and 30x30x30cm.The soft game is custom made.It is suitable for furnishing of nurseries, gardens, and creches. The game develo..
0.00 лв
Model: TN
Dimensions: 100х100cmThickness: 2cmColor: greenThe flooring is suitable for laying on floors or walls. The safety floor has grass motives.The flooring is suitable for securing outdoor playgrounds or tennis courts.The flooring is sold per square meter. No special placement of the flooring is required..
32.00 лв
Model: Пластмасов хипопотам
Material: plasticColor: greenHippo plastic head in green. The hippo's mouth is covered with glass, which guarantees safe play.Appropriate element in the construction of children's facilities...
0.00 лв
Model: EP0030
Model: EP0030Dimensions: 140х140cm.Material: plasticColor: red and green Plastic roof with dimensions 140х140cm. The roof is suitable for playground's constructions...
880.00 лв
Model: EP0032
Model: EP0032Dimensions: diameter 8cmMaterial: polyethyleneThe polyethylene balls have a diameter of 8 cm and come in different colors. The balls are suitable for placement in dry pools.For sale in 500 sacks of one color...
0.20 лв
Model: P002
Model: P002Dimensions: 100x100cmPavement thickness: 2cm.Available colors: yellow, red, green, blueWeight: 1.5kgSafety floor covering 2 cm thick.The flooring is available in different colors, with two faces - one side in one color and the other in different (example: one side in blue, the other in re..
25.00 лв
Model: P001
Model: P001Dimensions: 1.00х1.00mWeight: 2.5cmMaterial: rubberColor: red, greenShock absorbing flooring designed to secure outdoor children's facilities.The flooring is made of rubber and is available in green and red color.It is for sale per sq.m...
38.00 лв
Model: P004
Model: P004Dimensions: 1.00х1.00m.Thickness: 1.3cmWeight: 1.42kgColor: yellow, green, red, blueSafety flooring for floors and walls.The flooring is shock-absorbing and is suitable for securing children's play areas and sports halls.The flooring is sold in square meters as one piece is in one color a..
18.90 лв
Brand: Барон Model: MF00001
Sizes:- 20/20/20cm - Price: 32,00lv with VAT- 30/30/30cm - Цена: 45,00lv with VATMaterial: high quality polyvinyl chloride foil and foamThe soft dices can be made with custom size and color...
32.00 лв
Model: IKH0023
Color: orangeMaterial: foam and vinylSoft stool with look of Kitten. She is suitable for kid's centers.Easy to clean and carry.Carefully protected and comfortable for the comfort of children...
48.00 лв
Model: BR-04
Model: BR-04Size: 139cm heightContainer Globe: 40cmThe ball machine works with a coin.The electric balls machine has an interesting design and fresh colors.The machine works with a ball of 45 mm.Balls machine suitable for placement in pubs and children's clubs...
750.00 лв
Model: BR-05
Model: BR-05Size: 130 cm heightContainer Globe: 40cmAvailable in two colors: yellow and redAn attractive spiral machine for balls.The machine works with coins. Rubber balls with a diameter of 45 mm can be loaded into the machine.The Balls Machine is a great and attractive choice for children's fun. ..
725.00 лв
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