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Slide with a small swing model 424

Model: 424Size: 170х173х138smMaterial: plasticPlastic small slide with swing.Not recommended fo..

380.00 лв 290.00 лв

Kiddie plastic table

Size: 1.10х0.60mWeight : 8,30 kg.Material: plasticThe plastic table is an ideal addition for childre..

125.00 лв 110.00 лв

Swinging Elephant

Colors: Red, Yellow, BlueMaterial: plasticComplement the children's game with a great elephant-like ..

75.00 лв 65.00 лв

Chair Avici

Model: BR84Sizes: 46x61x78smColor: IvoryMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgWith a classi..

100.00 лв 80.00 лв

Kiddie chairs 001

Model: 001Size: 51х36х30см.Height from floor to seat: 26smSeat size: width 25sm, depth 25sm.&nb..

19.50 лв 14.90 лв

Screen PR009

Model: PR009Dimensions of screen: 135х3.5х172 cm.Dimensions of the wing: 45х3.5х172 c..

340.00 лв 180.00 лв

Screen PR010

Model: PR010Screen size: 135х3.5х172 cm.Dimensions of one leaf: 45x3.5x172 cm.Co..

350.00 лв 195.00 лв


Model: IK0077Height: 120cmColor of leaves: greenStem color: brownThe artificial palm tree Cikas has ..

150.00 лв 125.00 лв

Artificial Banana Palm

Model: IK0025Height: 2.60m.Number of sheets: 15 piecesColor: greenWeight: 4.00kgExotic decorative ba..

320.00 лв 240.00 лв

Palm Areca curved

Model: IK0020Height: 180cmColor: greenThe decorative palm Areca is from the family of coconut p..

220.00 лв 110.00 лв

Phoenix palm

Dimensions:Height: 2.00m.Number of stalks: 3pcs.Color: greenWeight: 2.00kgBeautiful decorative palm ..

260.00 лв 190.00 лв


Model: JWT239Dimensions: 160 cmNumber of leaves: 25 pcs.Number of stalks: 5 pcs.Weight: 2.00kgDecora..

75.00 лв 55.00 лв

Chair Bistro dark

Model: BistroSize: 58х61х82sm.Material: Artificial (PVC) Rattan Weight: 6.00kgChair Bistro with..

100.00 лв 79.00 лв

Chair Bistro light

Model: BistroDimensions: 58х61х82cmMaterial: artificial rattanFrames: metalWeight: 6.00kgThe frames ..

100.00 лв 79.00 лв

Little Mandarin

Model: JWT2271Height: 120cm.Number of sheets: 147 pcs.Number of fruits: 70 pcs.Weight: 2.00kgMandari..

65.00 лв 45.00 лв

Agave Americanа

Model: IK0001Height: 140cmColor: greenDecorative plant in a pot. The beautiful Agave gives fres..

175.00 лв 130.00 лв

Agave with broad leaves

Model: IK0002Height: 90cmColor of leaves: dark greenArtificial plant in a pot with a height of ..

85.00 лв 65.00 лв

Triple Agave

Model: IK0003Height: 120cmColor: greenWeight: 4.00kgDecorative plant suitable for all types of l..

135.00 лв 110.00 лв

Artificial Delphinium 120cm

Model: IK0035Height: 120cmColor: purpleDecorative plants with purple flowers - Delphinium.The artifi..

65.00 лв 50.00 лв

Artificial Amarilis

Model: IK0008Height: 150cm.Color: redBeautiful decorative plant with red colors.Artificial Amar..

85.00 лв 65.00 лв