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Plastic slide with swing LH-03

Model: LH-03Size: 169x170x122smMaterial: plasticThe slide has a swing attached to it.The colors on i..

380.00 лв 290.00 лв

Rattan Set Bahama

Model: BahamaChair size: 65х65х71smBench size: 114х65х71smTable size: 55х55sm The thickness of ..

320.00 лв 290.00 лв

Rattan Set Bahama Dark

Model: BahamaChair size: 65х65х71smBench size: 114х65х71smTable size: 55х55sm The thickness of ..

320.00 лв 290.00 лв

Bear of red roses

Height: 45cmA big bear of eternal roses in red. In addition, we offer a stylish transparent pac..

150.00 лв 69.00 лв

Bouncing rubber balls 32mm

Bouncing rubber balls of size 32mm suitable for machines.A great attraction for children.Minimum qua..

0.20 лв

Bouncing rubber balls 45mm

Bouncing rubber balls with a size of 45mm.Minimum order quantity 400 pcs.Rubber balls suitable for m..

0.50 лв

Decorative bear of white roses

Length: 45cmHandmade bear made of small, blooming white roses.In addition, we offer a stylish transp..

150.00 лв 69.00 лв

Exotic vase for flowers PV002

Model: PV002Dimensions: 21x75cmMaterial: wickerThe vase is made of high quality material - wicker.Th..

55.00 лв 44.00 лв

Flower vase of 3 parts DV002

Model: DV002Vases size:- XL: 36x86x30cm- L: 29x75x23cm- M: 22x64x16cmMaterial: wood3 parts decorativ..

97.00 лв 78.00 лв

Kiddie Ride WX-S10

Model: WX-S10Weight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride is corn-shaped.There is an interesting look that ma..

1,150.00 лв 800.00 лв

Polyethylene balls

Model: EP0032Dimensions: diameter 8cmMaterial: polyethyleneThe polyethylene balls have a diamet..

0.20 лв

Rattan Set Greece

The set includes two benches, two chairs and a table with glass.Model: GreeceChair size: 65х65х71sm...

320.00 лв 290.00 лв

Vase for flowers DV005

Model: DV005Dimensions: 16х49х30cmMaterial: woodDecorative vase for flowers made of wood.The vase is..

45.00 лв 38.00 лв

Weeping willow

Model: JWT2139Height: 180cmNumber of leaves: 2224pcsColor of the leaves: greenColor: brownWeigh..

125.00 лв 106.00 лв

Wooden vase for flowers DV003

Model: DV003Dimensions: 32x90 cmMaterial: woodWooden vase for decoration with a width of 32 cm and h..

78.00 лв 63.00 лв

Rattan Set Neron

The set C100 includes 4 armchairs and 1 round table.Model: C100Color: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC..

700.00 лв 550.00 лв

Rattan Set Pelange

The set includes double sofa, two chairs and table with glass.Model: PelangeChair size: 65х65х71smSo..

420.00 лв 380.00 лв

Vase for flowers PV001

Model: PV001Dimensions: 40х110smMaterial: wickerThe vase has interesting motives, making it an ..

145.00 лв 116.00 лв

Wooden vase for flowers DV004

Model: DV004Dimensions: 18x59 cm.Material: woodBeautiful wooden decorative vase with an interes..

36.00 лв 29.00 лв

Balancing beams 219Е

Size: 598х415х20sm.Material: plasticCount beams: 4Prefabricated plastic beams for balancing 4 pieces..

790.00 лв 635.00 лв