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Kiddie Rides

Kiddie Rides
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Dalmatian kiddie ride WX-S91

Model: WX-S91El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgDalmatian kiddie ride for children,..

890.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S16

Model: WX-S16El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgAttractive kiddie ride with coins P..

890.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S85

Model: WX-S85El. engine: 220VScreen: YesMusic: YesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride is p..

750.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S87

Model: WX-S87Dimensions: 100/65/100cm.Material: fiberglassEl.engine: 220VWeight: 30.0..

950.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S88

Model: WX-S88El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgElectric minion-shaped kiddie ride...

850.00 лв

Kiddie Ride Airplane WX-S8

Model: WX-S8El. engine: 220VScreen: YesMusic: YesDuration: YesWeight: 30.00kgElectric ride for child..

1,050.00 лв

Kiddie ride Car

Electric toy coin operated with coins and tokens.The ride is musical and can be adjusted up to 3 min..

1,110.00 лв

Kiddie ride Fly horse WX-S1

Model: WX-S1Dimensions: 146х65х110cm.Material: fiberglassEl. engine: 220VWeight: 30,00kgTh..

1,250.00 лв

Kiddie ride T026

Model: T026Dimensions: 110x60x110cmMaterial: fiberglassPower: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00..

950.00 лв

Kiddie Ride WX-S10

Model: WX-S10Weight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride is corn-shaped.There is an interesting look that ma..

1,150.00 лв 800.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S20

Model: WX-S20El. engine: 220VWeight: 30,00kgThe kiddie ride has an interesting butterfly shape...

1,050.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S20-2

Model: WX-S20-2Dimensions: 125x60x125cm.Weight: 30,00kgThe kiddie ride works with coins.Great attrac..

1,110.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S29

Model: WX-S29El. engine: 220VDuration: 3 minMusic: YesWeight: 30.00kgChildren's electric clutch with..

2,850.00 лв

Kiddie Ride WX-S37

Model: WX-S37Size: 133х71х112sm.The kiddie ride has interesting motives, pleasing children colo..

1,450.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S89

Model: WX-S89El. engine: 220VScreen: YesMusic: YesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride has ..

1,300.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S68

Model: WX-S68El. engine: 220VMusic: YesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgChildren's clutter works with c..

1,450.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S66-A

Model: WX-S66-ADimensions: 114x71x80cmWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride is dog-shaped.There are ma..

1,150.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S78

Model: WX-S78El. engine: 220VWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride has many colorful and beautiful col..

1,450.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S4

Model: WX-S4Dimensions: 115х65х65sm.El.engine: 220VMaterial: fiberglassColor: redThe kiddie rid..

1,180.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S75

Model: WX-S75El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesDuration: 3 minA Tom and Jerry-like coin that attr..

1,350.00 лв