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Kiddie Rides

Model: WX-S91
Model: WX-S91El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgDalmatian kiddie ride for children, model WX-S91. The ride operates with a power supply.The kiddie ride has a built-in screen and is musical. It is suitable for children's centers and establishments.Works with coins or tokens on a patt..
890.00 лв
Model: WX-S16
Model: WX-S16El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgAttractive kiddie ride with coins Puppy. The ride has a built-in screen and is musical.The toy is powered by 220V. It can be indoors as well as outdoors.WX-S16 Wrap works with coins or tokens according to pattern...
890.00 лв
Model: WX-S85
Model: WX-S85El. engine: 220VScreen: YesMusic: YesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride is powered by 220V. The mechanism of the operation itself is triggered by placing a coin or a token.The electric ride has a built-in screen and is musical, making it attractive to all children.The standar..
750.00 лв
Model: WX-S87
Model: WX-S87Dimensions: 100/65/100cm.Material: fiberglassEl.engine: 220VWeight: 30.00kgA kiddie ride with an interesting shape and design.The ride has the shape of a favorite cartoon character - Sponge Bob, making it a favorite attraction for all children.The kiddie ride works with c..
950.00 лв
Model: WX-S88
Model: WX-S88El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgElectric minion-shaped kiddie ride. The ride is 220V powered.It is musical and has a built-in screen for children's videos.Work with coins and tokens on a pattern...
850.00 лв
Model: WX-S8
Model: WX-S8El. engine: 220VScreen: YesMusic: YesDuration: YesWeight: 30.00kgElectric ride for children - Airplane.The kiddie ride has fun music and beautiful lights. Children's ride is electric. The timing of the ride is 3 minutes, which can be changed.The kiddie ride comes in 3 different colors th..
1,050.00 лв
Model: Car
Electric toy coin operated with coins and tokens.The ride is musical and can be adjusted up to 3 minutes.The kiddie ride is in fresh colors. It can be placed in children's centers, hotels, and restaurants...
1,110.00 лв
Model: WX-S1
Model: WX-S1Dimensions: 146х65х110cm.Material: fiberglassEl. engine: 220VWeight: 30,00kgThe kiddie ride Fly horse is a musical with a duration of 3 minutes.The duration can be increased and decreased according to your choice.The kiddie ride work with coins and tokens...
1,250.00 лв
Model: T026
Model: T026Dimensions: 110x60x110cmMaterial: fiberglassPower: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgMickey Mouse Kiddie Ride Sizes: Length 110cm, Width 60cm and Height 110cm.The ride is electrically powered.The kiddie ride is fully secured and suitable for placement in childcare centers.Work with ..
950.00 лв
Model: WX-S10
Model: WX-S10Weight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride is corn-shaped.There is an interesting look that makes it a favorite attraction for children.Works with various coins and tokens...
800.00 лв 1,150.00 лв
Model: WX-S20
Model: WX-S20El. engine: 220VWeight: 30,00kgThe kiddie ride has an interesting butterfly shape.The ride is electric and coin-operated.The kiddie ride WX-S20 is musical...
1,050.00 лв
Model: WX-S20-2
Model: WX-S20-2Dimensions: 125x60x125cm.Weight: 30,00kgThe kiddie ride works with coins.Great attraction for you children. The kiddie ride is with screen and musical addition...
1,110.00 лв
Model: WX-S29
Model: WX-S29El. engine: 220VDuration: 3 minMusic: YesWeight: 30.00kgChildren's electric clutch with interesting design. The kiddie ride is musical.The standard duration of the ride is 3 minutes. The time can be adjusted according to preferences.The kiddie ride works with coins and tokens...
2,850.00 лв
Model: WX-S37
Model: WX-S37Size: 133х71х112sm.The kiddie ride has interesting motives, pleasing children colors and is in the form of a roller coaster.Works with various coins and tokens...
1,450.00 лв
Model: WX-S89
Model: WX-S89El. engine: 220VScreen: YesMusic: YesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride has a built-in screen and is musical, which catches the attention of the little ones.The ride works with coins and tokens according to the pattern...
1,300.00 лв
Model: WX-S68
Model: WX-S68El. engine: 220VMusic: YesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgChildren's clutter works with coins and tokens. The duration of the wobble is 3 min, which can be adjusted. The toy itself is electrically driven.The WX-S68 Kiddie ride is musical, which attracts children's attention. It is suitabl..
1,450.00 лв
Model: WX-S66-A
Model: WX-S66-ADimensions: 114x71x80cmWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride is dog-shaped.There are many interesting motifs and fresh colors on it.The trolley has a musical sound that attracts children's attention and makes it a desirable attraction for both small and large.Suitable for children's cen..
1,150.00 лв
Model: WX-S78
Model: WX-S78El. engine: 220VWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride has many colorful and beautiful colors.The ride has a built-in monitor and plays children's songs, making it an interesting attraction for the kids.Suitable for placement in children's centers and gardens.Works with different coins and..
1,450.00 лв
Model: WX-S4
Model: WX-S4Dimensions: 115х65х65sm.El.engine: 220VMaterial: fiberglassColor: redThe kiddie ride is in the form of a retro car.There are built-in children's songs, which makes it a preferable actress from the kids.Works with different coins and tokens.The kiddie ride is available in red. The ph..
1,180.00 лв
Model: WX-S75
Model: WX-S75El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesDuration: 3 minA Tom and Jerry-like coin that attracts children's attention. The children's attraction works with 220V power supply.The kiddie ride is musical and has a built-in screen. The standard duration of the electric shake is 3 minutes.Works w..
1,350.00 лв
Model: WX-S90
Model: WX-S90Screen: yesMusic: yesDuration: 3 minWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride has an interesting design that attracts children's attention.The ride is electric and works with coins or tokens as per the template. The duration of the kiddie ride is 3 minutes per standard. It can be adjusted accordin..
1,300.00 лв
Model: WX-S71
Model: WX-S71Dimensions: 140x160x105cm.El. engine: 220VMusic: yesDuration: 3 minDouble electric kiddie ride with dimensions: length 140cm, width 160cm and height 105cm.Guaranteed fun together with the kids.The ride operates with a 220V power supply. The mechanism is driven by placing a coin or a tok..
1,450.00 лв
Model: WX-S56
Model: WX-S56El. engine: 220VMusic: yesElectric helicopter working with coins and tokens.Kids' clutter is a fun attraction for toddlers, making it suitable for placement in hotels and bars.Works with coins and tokens...
2,600.00 лв
Model: WX-S23
Model: WX-S23El. engine: 220VMusic: yesElectric motor with electric motor 220V.The kiddie ride is musical. The standard duration of the wobble is 3 minutes. It can be changed.The ride with coins or tokens according to the pattern...
1,800.00 лв
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