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Kiddie Ride's Week

Model: WX-S91
Model: WX-S91El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgDalmatian kiddie ride for children, model WX-S91. The ride operates with a power supply.The kiddie ride has a built-in screen and is musical. It is suitable for children's centers and establishments.Works with coins or tokens on a patt..
750.00 лв 890.00 лв
Model: WX-S16
Model: WX-S16El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgAttractive kiddie ride with coins Puppy. The ride has a built-in screen and is musical.The toy is powered by 220V. It can be indoors as well as outdoors.WX-S16 Wrap works with coins or tokens according to pattern...
750.00 лв 890.00 лв
Model: WX-S87
Model: WX-S87Dimensions: 100/65/100cm.Material: fiberglassEl.engine: 220VWeight: 30.00kgA kiddie ride with an interesting shape and design.The ride has the shape of a favorite cartoon character - Sponge Bob, making it a favorite attraction for all children.The kiddie ride works with c..
750.00 лв 950.00 лв
Model: WX-S88
Model: WX-S88El. engine: 220VScreen: yesMusic: yesWeight: 30.00kgElectric minion-shaped kiddie ride. The ride is 220V powered.It is musical and has a built-in screen for children's videos.Work with coins and tokens on a pattern...
750.00 лв 850.00 лв
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