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Inflatable Slides

Inflatable Slides
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Inflatable slide Angry Birds

Model: Angry BirdsSize: 1000х500х600smMaterial: Belgian PVC TarpaulinColors: Yellow, Green, Red..

9,800.00 лв 8,350.00 лв

Inflatable bouncer Crocodile 2

Dimensions: 8.00х8.00х6.00mMaterial: vinylAn interesting inflatable trampoline in the form of a croc..

0.00 лв

Inflatable bouncer Duck

Dimensions: 11.00x8.00x6.00mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinThe inflatable trampoline is made of high quality..

0.00 лв

Inflatable Slide Angry Birds 2

Model: Angry Birds 2Size: custom madeMaterial: vinylImages: vinyl printCompressor: yesThe inflatable..

0.00 лв

Inflatable slide Castle

Dimensions: 12х4х6mMaterial: vinylColor: green, red, blue, yellowInflatable slide in the form of a c..

0.00 лв

Inflatable Slide Dolphin

Model: DolphinMaterial: PVC Tarpaulin 650/450 gr/m2Count compressors: Two (include in the price..

11,000.00 лв

Inflatable slide Elephant 1

Model: Elephant 1 Size: 400х400х240smMaterial: PVC Tarpaulin 650 gr/m2Seam guarantee: 6 monthsT..

3,850.00 лв

Inflatable slide Jungle №2

Model: Jungle №2Size: 1600х800х800sm.Material: PVC Tarpaulin 650 gr/m2.The slide is used but ve..

12,800.00 лв

Inflatable slide Minions

Model: MinionsSize: 1000х700х440sm.Material: PVC Tarpaulin 650 gr/m2.In the price of the inflat..

11,200.00 лв

Inflatable slide NP02

Model: NP02Dimensions: 11.00х6.00х7.00mMaterial: vinylInteresting inflatable jungle slide. The slide..

0.00 лв

Compressor 1500W

Model: WMNI0005Power: 1500WThe compressor is rated at 1500W. It is suitable for use in inflatab..

650.00 лв

Compressor 330W

Model: FQM-330Power: 330WColor: redThe blower compressor has a power of 330W. It is suitable fo..

180.00 лв

Compressor 750W

Power: 750WColor: yellowThe compressor has a power of 750W. Suitable for use with inflatable equipme..

400.00 лв