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Inflatable Slides

Model: NP
Model: Angry BirdsSize: 1000х500х600smMaterial: Belgian PVC TarpaulinColors: Yellow, Green, Red, Dark and Light BlueCompressor: 1100WThe  inflatable slide has 3 images (print vinyl).It is equipped with safety rails and obstacles in the lower part.It comes with a 1100W compressor, which is ..
8,350.00 лв 9,800.00 лв
Model: C2
Dimensions: 8.00х8.00х6.00mMaterial: vinylAn interesting inflatable trampoline in the form of a crocodile. The bouncer includes a slide - the mouth of the crocodile opens and becomes like a slide.The Crocodile trap is combined with various animal forms that attract childhood attention and make the g..
0.00 лв
Model: Duck
Dimensions: 11.00x8.00x6.00mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinThe inflatable trampoline is made of high-quality PVC Tarpaulin. The jumping bouncer has interesting shapes and fresh colors that attracts children's attention.The inflatable facility can be used in outdoor and indoor children's centers...
0.00 лв
Model: Angry Birds 2
Model: Angry Birds 2Size: custom madeMaterial: vinylImages: vinyl printCompressor: yesThe inflatable trampoline is custom made with custom sizes. It comes with an inflatable compressor.The inflatable slide is suitable for outdoor use. Ideal offers for children's centers, fairs, moon parks.Make a req..
0.00 лв
Model: Castle
Dimensions: 12х4х6mMaterial: vinylColor: green, red, blue, yellowInflatable slide in the form of a castle in different colors.The slide has dimensions: length 12m, width 4m and height 6m.Made of high quality Belgian vinyl 450g.The inflatable slide is suitable for outdoor playgrounds.The slide can be..
0.00 лв
Model: MF000021
Model: DolphinMaterial: PVC Tarpaulin 650/450 gr/m2Count compressors: Two (include in the price)Available with 6-month stitch warranty.The inflatable slide is made with high-quality materials and is safe for the children.With fresh colors, beautiful water motives and interesting forms, the slid..
11,000.00 лв
Model: NP
Model: Elephant 1 Size: 400х400х240smMaterial: PVC Tarpaulin 650 gr/m2Seam guarantee: 6 monthsThe inflatable slide can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces.The slide is Elephant-shaped and is with fresh colors and interesting motives.The entrance of the slide is in the shape of an elephant and ..
3,850.00 лв
Model: №2
Model: Jungle №2Size: 1600х800х800sm.Material: PVC Tarpaulin 650 gr/m2.The slide is used but very preserved and without any remarks.Available with inflatable compressors.An amazing experience, lots of laughter and games await kids in the inflatable Jungle trampoline...
12,800.00 лв
Model: NP
Model: MinionsSize: 1000х700х440sm.Material: PVC Tarpaulin 650 gr/m2.In the price of the inflatable slide are include two compressors.The slide can be made from PVC Tarpaulin 450-550 gr/m2.This option will cost 9900 lv.Lead time: 2-4 weeks..
11,200.00 лв
Model: NP02
Model: NP02Dimensions: 11.00х6.00х7.00mMaterial: vinylInteresting inflatable jungle slide. The slide is in fresh colors attracting child attention. There are vinyl prints on the sliding walls.The inflatable slide is easy to install and clean. The height of the slide is 7 meters, making it suitable f..
0.00 лв
Model: WMNI0005
Model: WMNI0005Power: 1500WThe compressor is rated at 1500W. It is suitable for use in inflatable equipment (slides and trampolines).We offer blowers for inflatable equipment with different capacities (330W, 750W)...
650.00 лв
Model: FQM-330
Model: FQM-330Power: 330WColor: redThe blower compressor has a power of 330W. It is suitable for use in inflatable attractions.We offer compressors for inflatable equipment with different capacities (750W, 1500W)...
180.00 лв
Model: 1
Power: 750WColor: yellowThe compressor has a power of 750W. Suitable for use with inflatable equipment (slides and tramps).We offer fans for inflatable equipment with different capacities (330W, 1500W)...
400.00 лв
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