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Inflatable Bouncers & Castles

Inflatable Bouncers & Castles
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Inflatable Bouncer Ninjago

Model: MF000019Size: 300х300х230smColors: Blue, Yellow, Green, RedMaterial: Belgian vinyl 450 /..

1,350.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Palms

Model: NB01Size: 300х300х270sm.Material: PVC Tarpaulin 450 gr/m2.Made with a reinforced double ..

1,300.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Wall climbing

Size: 600х400х250sm.Material:  PVC Tarpaulin 650/450 gr/m2The trampoline is available with..

4,900.00 лв

Inflatable mini bouncer MB 10

Model: MB 10Dimensions: 3.50х2.00х2.50mMaterial: fabricInflatable trampoline mini-type castle in col..

650.00 лв 572.00 лв

Inflatable pool

Dimensions: 2.00х2.00х2.50мMaterial: fabricNumber of balls: 500 piecesCompressor: 300WInflatable min..

750.00 лв 499.00 лв

Inflatable trampoline M1

Model: M1Dimensions: 300х300х240cm Material: fabricAttractive inflatable trampoline with towers..

693.00 лв 609.00 лв

Mini Trampoline Mickey Mouse NB20

Model:  NB20Size: 4х2х3mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinAn interesting proposal of the inflatable trampo..

1,850.00 лв

Trampoline Donald Duck

Model: NB12Dimensions: 4.00х3.00х2.90mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinTrampoline Donald Duck is an ..

1,800.00 лв

Trampoline Happy Bunny

Model: Happy BunnySize: 500х400х270smMaterial: PVC TarpaulinTrampoline for children's games and..

3,200.00 лв

Trampoline Mickey NB16

Model: NB16Dimensions: 4х3х2.9mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinMade with quality materials and secure, the tr..

2,600.00 лв

Trampoline Spongebob

Model: NB13Size: 7х4х3mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinThe trampoline has a mini slide for all children...

5,600.00 лв

Trampoline with flowers NB17

Model: NB17Dimensions: 3.60х2.70х3.00mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinWith its fresh colors and interest..

1,500.00 лв

Compressor 1500W

Model: WMNI0005Power: 1500WThe compressor is rated at 1500W. It is suitable for use in inflatab..

650.00 лв

Compressor 330W

Model: FQM-330Power: 330WColor: redThe blower compressor has a power of 330W. It is suitable fo..

180.00 лв

Compressor 750W

Power: 750WColor: yellowThe compressor has a power of 750W. Suitable for use with inflatable equipme..

400.00 лв