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Bouncer Masha and the Bear

Dimensions: 3.00х3.50х2.50m.Material: PVC Tarpaulin 450/650gr/m2The inflatable trampoline is 3m long..

3,800.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Children Fairytale

Model: Kids' FairytaleSize: 700х400х330sm.Colors: White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, RedMaterial: Belgi..

5,400.00 лв

Inflatable bouncer Crocodile 2

Dimensions: 8.00х8.00х6.00mMaterial: vinylAn interesting inflatable trampoline in the form of a croc..

0.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Daisy Duck

Model: Daisy DuckSize: 250х250х240smCompressor: 330WThe inflatable bouncer is made of quality m..

1,150.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Happy Park

Model: Happy ParkSize: 625х400х360sm.Material: PVC Tarpaulin The product comes with a 6-mo..

4,250.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Jungle

Model: JungleSize: 350х450smMaterial: PVC Tarpaulin 650gr/m2The trampoline has a compresso..

2,850.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer MB10

Model: MB10Dimensions:  6.50x4.60x3.00smMaterial:  PVC Tarpaulin Fresh colors, l..

1,500.00 лв

Inflatable bouncer MB10 with pool

Model: MB10-1Dimensions: 5.00х3.50х2.80mMaterial: fabricInflatable bouncer of length 5.00m, wid..

840.00 лв 739.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Mickey

Model: MickeySize: 200х200х190smCompressor: 330WBeautiful colors and funny games expect th..

980.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Mini Mouse №2

Model: NB03Size: 310x300x200smCompressor: 330WMaterial: PVC Tarpaulin 450/650 gr/m2Made with a ..

1,400.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Minions NB18

Model: NB18Dimensions: 7х4х3mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinThe inflatable bouncer is safety for the ch..

5,600.00 лв

Inflatable bouncer NB1

Model: NB1Dimensions: 6.50х6.00х5.50mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinThe inflatable trampoline has inter..

0.00 лв

Inflatable bouncer NB2

Model: NB2Dimensions: 5.00x5.00x3.00mMaterial: vinylPictures: print vinylInflatable trampoline with ..

6,500.00 лв

Inflatable bouncer NB21

Model: NB21Dimensions: 650х600х400cm.Material: PVC Tarpaulin 450/650gr/m2Inflatable trampoline in fr..

6,500.00 лв

Inflatable bouncer NB22

Model: NB22Dimensions: 10х6х6mMaterial: vinylCompressor: 1500WWarranty on sewing:  6-month..

0.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Ninjago

Model: MF000019Size: 300х300х230smColors: Blue, Yellow, Green, RedMaterial: Belgian vinyl 450 /..

1,350.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Palms

Model: NB01Size: 300х300х270sm.Material: PVC Tarpaulin 450 gr/m2.Made with a reinforced double ..

1,300.00 лв

Inflatable Bouncer Wall climbing

Size: 600х400х250sm.Material:  PVC Tarpaulin 650/450 gr/m2The trampoline is available with..

4,900.00 лв

Inflatable mini bouncer MB 10

Model: MB 10Dimensions: 3.50х2.00х2.50mMaterial: fabricInflatable trampoline mini-type castle in col..

650.00 лв 572.00 лв

Inflatable trampoline M1

Model: M1Dimensions: 300х300х240cm Material: fabricAttractive inflatable trampoline with towers..

693.00 лв 609.00 лв