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Model: BahamaChair size: 65х65х71smBench size: 114х65х71smTable size: 55х55sm The thickness of ..
410.00 лв 380.00 лв
The set includes two benches, two chairs and a table with glass.Model: GreeceChair size: 65х65х71sm...
410.00 лв 380.00 лв
The set includes double sofa, two chairs and table with glass.Model: PelangeChair size: 65х65х71smSo..
510.00 лв 470.00 лв
The set includes four chairs and one table.Model: Da VinciChair size: 60х68х90sm.Table size: 80х80х7..
985.00 лв
Model: KoboChair size: 68х75х83smMaterial: natural rattan, woodWeight: 60.00kgThe set includes 4 cha..
940.00 лв
Model: KoboChair size: 68х75х83cmMaterial: natural rattanWeight: 32.00kgThe set includes 4 chairs an..
880.00 лв
Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: f4-5sm.Color: naturalWeight: 2.00kgNatural dried bamboo on rods.The ..
15.00 лв
Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: f7-8sm.Weight: 4.00kgNatural dried bamboo - not lacquered or painted..
20.00 лв
Dimensions:Length: 300cmDiameter: f9-10smWeight: 6.00kgNatural dry bamboo with a length of 3 meters...
27.00 лв
Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: f12-14sm. Weight: 8.00kgBamboo has a strength that competes with tha..
35.00 лв
Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: F3-4 cm.Color: blackWeight: 2.00kgBamboo rods are robust and can be ..
20.00 лв
Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: F3-4 cm.Color: blackWeight: 2.00kgBamboo rods are robust and can be ..
15.00 лв
Model: Angry BirdsSize: 1000х500х600smMaterial: Belgian PVC TarpaulinColors: Yellow, Green, Red..
9,800.00 лв 8,350.00 лв
Dimensions: 8.00х8.00х6.00mMaterial: vinylAn interesting inflatable trampoline in the form of a croc..
0.00 лв
Dimensions: 11.00x8.00x6.00mMaterial: PVC TarpaulinThe inflatable trampoline is made of high quality..
0.00 лв
Dimensions: 12х4х6mMaterial: vinylColor: green, red, blue, yellowInflatable slide in the form of a c..
0.00 лв
Model: DolphinMaterial: PVC Tarpaulin 650/450 gr/m2Count compressors: Two (include in the price..
11,000.00 лв
Model: Elephant 1 Size: 400х400х240smMaterial: PVC Tarpaulin 650 gr/m2Seam guarantee: 6 monthsT..
3,850.00 лв