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How can I order ?

Make order online in Shop.baron.bg

- Select the quantity you want to order.

- Click the BUY button to add the item to your basket.

- This item has been added to your cart.

- If you want to CONTINUE your shopping, choose the category from which you want to shop.

- If you want to COMPLETE your shopping, check out the shopping cart.

- The product added page and the corresponding quantity page opens. You can adjust the quantity, add and remove items.

- "Use the coupon code", "Estimated delivery and Fees", "Use voucher code" in the three fields below, you can take advantage of the current promotional codes and calculate the estimated shipping cost from your location.

- Then, select the PAYMENT button.

- You have to choose how you will order.

- Fill in your data.

- After this step, you should select a shipping and payment method.

- If you have a promo code or coupon, enter it in the appropriate fields.

- To finalize your order, click the CONTRACT ORDER button.