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Exotic Lamp Shades

Are you looking for something fresh about your interior? Knitted lamps are the right choice.

Choose from a wide range of exotic knit lamps. In our catalog, you will find both modern design lamps and retro lamps made of bamboo or natural rattan. Knitted lamps can be hanging or with a floor stand. Exotic lamps can be part of the decor of hotels and outdoor or outdoor venues.

Choose the right exotic hit for your home or summer garden!

Model: LP09
Model: LP09Material: bambooLampion with an interesting design.The lamp is made of bamboo in natural color.The non-standard proposal, which will give an exotic and unusual appearance to every room.No bulb and bulb are included in the price of the lamp. If desired, they can be added, but the pric..
98.00 лв
Model: PL008
Model: PL008Material: bambooDecorative lamp made of beautifully interwoven bamboo.The lamp has an interesting design, making it suitable for interior furnishing of hotels and restaurants.It is sold without a coat and bulb...
0.00 лв
Model: PL010
Model: PL010Material: natural rattanHanging lamp made of beautiful natural rattan knitting.The decorative lamp will give an exotic look to any room.The material from which the PL010 hanging lamp is made makes it suitable for decorating both indoors and outdoors.The lamp is sold without a bulb a..
145.00 лв
Model: SB902
Model: SB902Material: natural rattanDecorative hanging lamp made of quality natural rattan. The rattan lamp has a beautiful knit and an interesting design, which makes it suitable for furnishing and decoration of hotels and restaurants.The price of the decorative lamp does not include a socket ..
125.00 лв
Model: SB921
Model: SB921Material: natural rattanColor: naturalRattan lamp made of beautiful natural rattan knitting.The hanging lamp has an interesting design that makes it suitable for interior decoration.The lamp is easy to install.No bulb and bulb are included in the price of the lamp...
65.00 лв
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