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Decorative Screen Panels

Model: DK08
Model: DK08Dimensions: 40х110smMaterial: wickerThe vase has interesting motives, making it an ideal choice for decorating hotels, restaurants, and the home and garden.Easy to clean and maintain...
116.00 лв 145.00 лв
Model: DK07
Model: DK07Dimensions: 18x59 cm.Material: woodBeautiful wooden decorative vase with an interesting look.The vase can be a great end to the decoration of any home...
29.00 лв 36.00 лв
Model: PR01
Model: PR01Dimensions: 200x180cmMaterial: artificial rattanColor: snowy whiteWeight: 7.00kgFour-sided PR01 screen in snow-white color.It gives a fresh and exotic look to every room.It is suitable for decoration and for use as a partition in different types and sizes of premises.The material from whi..
95.00 лв
Model: PR02
Model: PR02Dimensions: 2.00x1.80mMaterial: artificial rattanWeight: 7.00kgThe rattan screen PR002 can be a perfect part of every interior or exterior decoration. ..
95.00 лв
Model: PR04
Model: PR04Dimensions of screen: 135х3.5х172 cm.Dimensions of the wing: 45х3.5х172 cm.Material: woodColor: brown Weight: 12,00kgThe screen has an attractive, eye-catching vision.Does not require special support.It is suitable for decorations of hotels, restaurants, gardens and th..
180.00 лв 340.00 лв
Model: PR06
Model: PR06Screen size: 135х3.5х172 cm.Dimensions of one leaf: 45x3.5x172 cm.Color: greyMaterial: wood and bark Weight: 12.00kgThree-sided screen made of wood and bark with easy maintenance and cleaning.Suitable decor and addition to the garden, office or home...
195.00 лв 350.00 лв
Model: DK11
Decorative coconut cups suitable for beach bars and exotic restaurants.The glasses are light, comfortable and easy to clean...
6.50 лв
Model: BE0031
Model: BE0031Bamboo Arch with dimensions: 220x180x80cmThe bamboo arch is sold without veils.It is suitable for wedding agencies organizing beach weddings.The bamboo arch adds exotic and stylish looks to any interior and exterior...
400.00 лв
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