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Exotic & Bamboo

Exotic & Bamboo
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Bamboo f4-5sm

Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: f4-5sm.Color: naturalWeight: 2.00kgNatural dried bamboo on rods.The ..

15.00 лв

Bamboo chair

Dimensions:Height: 125cmWidth: 70cmLength: 130cmMaterial: bambooThe chair is made of high quality ba..

120.00 лв

Bamboo f7-8sm

Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: f7-8sm.Weight: 4.00kgNatural dried bamboo - not lacquered or painted..

20.00 лв

Bamboo lounge chair 001

Model: 001Dimensions: 200х68х30cmMaterial: bambooThe lounge chair is made of quality bamboo. Th..

190.00 лв

Bamboo Set Sebu

Model: 000001Material: bambooThe bamboo set consists of two bamboo chairs, a sofa and a square ..

0.00 лв

Bamboo umbrella

Height: 260 cm.Material:Stand: bambooCover: natural palm leavesAn exotic beach umbrella made of stur..

190.00 лв 140.00 лв

Beach umbrella unflappable

Diameter of the cover: 250 cm.Material:Handle: treeFrame: metalCover: natural palm leavesThe beach u..

195.00 лв

Beach umbrella unflappable

Diameter cover: 210 cmMaterial: Handle: woodenFrame: metalCover: natural palm leavesThe umbrell..

165.00 лв

Exotic vase for flowers PV002

Model: PV002Dimensions: 21x75cmMaterial: wickerThe vase is made of high quality material - wicker.Th..

55.00 лв 44.00 лв

Flower vase of 3 parts DV002

Model: DV002Vases size:- XL: 36x86x30cm- L: 29x75x23cm- M: 22x64x16cmMaterial: wood3 parts decorativ..

97.00 лв 78.00 лв

Rattan lamp PLL 01

Model: PLL 01Material: natural rattanColor: naturalRattan lamp made of beautiful natural rattan knit..

65.00 лв

Vase for flowers DV005

Model: DV005Dimensions: 16х49х30cmMaterial: woodDecorative vase for flowers made of wood.The vase is..

45.00 лв 36.00 лв

Wooden vase for flowers DV003

Model: DV003Dimensions: 32x90 cmMaterial: woodWooden vase for decoration with a width of 32 cm and h..

78.00 лв 63.00 лв

Bamboo f9-10sm

Dimensions:Length: 300cmDiameter: f9-10smWeight: 6.00kgNatural dry bamboo with a length of 3 meters...

27.00 лв

Vase for flowers PV001

Model: PV001Dimensions: 40х110smMaterial: wickerThe vase has interesting motives, making it an ..

145.00 лв 116.00 лв

Wooden vase for flowers DV004

Model: DV004Dimensions: 18x59 cm.Material: woodBeautiful wooden decorative vase with an interes..

36.00 лв 29.00 лв

Bamboo f12-14sm

Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: f12-14sm. Weight: 8.00kgBamboo has a strength that competes with tha..

35.00 лв

Black bamboo poles f3-4cm

Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: F3-4 cm.Color: blackWeight: 2.00kgBamboo rods are robust and can be ..

15.00 лв

Black bamboo poles f3-4cm

Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: F3-4 cm.Color: blackWeight: 2.00kgBamboo rods are robust and can be ..

20.00 лв

Black bamboo poles f6-7cm

Dimensions:Length: 3m.Diameter: F6-7 cm.Color: blackWeight: 4.00kgBamboo poles are  in black co..

27.00 лв