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Artificial plants

Artificial plants
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Yuka Aloifolia 1 stem

Model: IK0100Height: 170cmColor: dark greenDecorative plant in dark green color with a height of 170..

100.00 лв

Triple Agave

Model: IK0003Height: 120cmColor: greenWeight: 4.00kgDecorative plant suitable for all types of l..

135.00 лв 110.00 лв

Artificial Zamia

Model: IK0049Height: 0.70mColor: greenArtificial green plant in a pot.Decorative Zamia has an intere..

110.00 лв


Model: JWS2218Height: 150smNumber of leaves: 160 Weight: 2.00kgDecorative plant with beaut..

88.00 лв

Artificial tree Mulan

Model: JWT2495Dimensions: 120 smWieght: 2.00kgBeautiful decorative tree with white colors and p..

50.00 лв

Difenbachia Large

Model: JWT1283-1Height: 130 cmNumber of sheets: 60 pcs.Color: greenDifenbachia is a South American p..

84.00 лв

Dracaena with broad leaves

Model: JWS2336Height: 150cmColor: greenNumber of stalks: 3Weight: 4,00kgArtificial Dracena 150cm hig..

95.00 лв

Dracena Lemon Lime

Model: IK0038Height: 160cmNumber of stalks: 3 pc.Color of sheets: greenDecorative palm tree with thr..

160.00 лв

Dracena with 4 stalks

Model: JWS2319Height: 180cm.Color: white, green, yellowWeight: 4.00kgDracena is a tropical exotic pl..

110.00 лв

Yuka Lemonade

Model: JWS2517Height: 130 cmNumber of sheets: 150Leaf color: greenWeight: 4.00kgArtificial palm Yuka..

89.00 лв

Artificial Palm Ciperus

Model: IK0098Size: 90cmColor: greenWeight: 1.00kgBeautiful decorative sea palm in green color.The pa..

18.00 лв

Dracaena marginata - Big

Model: IK0043Dimensions: 210 cm.A beautiful decorative plant that gives style and beauty to every ro..

150.00 лв

Yucca with white color

Model: JWT235-1Dimensions: 160smColor: whiteNumber of sheets: 36 piecesWeight: 2.00kgDecorative Yucc..

75.00 лв

Artificial Delphinium 120cm

Model: IK0035Height: 120cmColor: purpleDecorative plants with purple flowers - Delphinium.The artifi..

65.00 лв 50.00 лв

Artificial Amarilis

Model: IK0008Height: 150cm.Color: redBeautiful decorative plant with red colors.Artificial Amar..

85.00 лв 65.00 лв

Pineapple flower

Model: IK0010Height: 200cmColor: redArtificial plant in a pot with a height of 200 cm.The pineapple ..

125.00 лв

Artificial palm Dracena Fragrance

Model: 7159Height: 60smColor: greenDecorative palm Dracena Fragnance with a height of 60 cm.The..

22.00 лв 18.00 лв

Coffee tree

Model: IK0054Size: 100cm.Color: greenArtificial Coffee Tree 100 cm high.The ornamental plant is gree..

28.00 лв

Artificial Anturium

Model: IK0012Height: 70cm.Color: redDecorative plants with beautifully interwoven stem and red ..

16.00 лв

White Anturium 5 stalks

Model: IK0016Height: 40cmColor of colors: whiteColor of leaves: greenNumber of colors: 5Decorative A..

18.00 лв 12.00 лв