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Artificial plants

Artificial plants
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Pahira with red leaves

Model: JWS1999-1Height: 123smColor of the stem: greenColor of the leaves: redBeautiful decorati..

90.00 лв

Ficus Benjamin with interwoven stems

Model: JWT098Height: 160 cm.Leaf color: greenStem color: brownNumber of sheets: 1440 pcsWeight: 2,14..

145.00 лв

Fikus Benjamin 195 cm

Model: 7010Height: 195cmColor of leaves: greenDecorative tree Fikus Benjamin with a height of 195 cm..

120.00 лв

Pahira with green leaves

Model: JWS2277Dimensions: 160smColor: greenBeautiful decorative tree Pahira with green leaves. ..

100.00 лв

Rhododendron with intertwined stem

Model: JWT1288Height: 130cmNumber of leaves: 2255 pcsColor: greenWeight: 4.00kgThe artificial r..

113.00 лв

Weeping willow

Model: JWT2139Height: 180cmNumber of leaves: 2224pcsColor of the leaves: greenColor: brownWeigh..

145.00 лв 126.00 лв

Azalia with a crooked stalk

Model: JWT2441Height: 120smColor: pinkNumber of leaves:1350 Weight: 4.00kgBeautiful decora..

110.00 лв

Money Tree

Model: JWS1867Height: 200cmColor: greenWeight: 4.00kgThe artificial money tree is 200 cm high.The tr..

205.00 лв


Model: 7165Height: 120cmColor of sheets: greenDecorative Tree Sheffler, suitable for landscapin..

135.00 лв

Artificial tree JWS1818

Model:  JWS1818Dimensions: 150cmWeight: 4.00kgColor: greenBeautiful artificial tree which can b..

165.00 лв

Artificial tree JWS2004

Model: JWS2004Height: 130smNumber of leaves: 768Color of leaves : greenBeautiful decorative tre..

110.00 лв

Artificial tree JWS2005

Model: JWS2005Dimensions: 135smNumber of leaves: 865pcsThe beautiful decorative tree is suitabl..

115.00 лв

American Klen Large

Model: IK0009Height: 180smWeight: 4.00kgDecorative Tree American maple with reddish-red leaves...

150.00 лв

American Klen Small

Model: JWT032Weight: 160smNumber of leaves: 350Weight: 3 kgDecorative tree with orange - red leaves,..

100.00 лв

Wisteria with white colors

Model: JWT2758Height: 180cmNumber of sheets: 1470 pcsColor of colors: whiteArtificial tree with beau..

165.00 лв

A purple-colored Wisteria

Model: JWT2758-1Dimensions: 150smColor : purpleWeight: 4.00kg Artificial tree with purple flow..

110.00 лв

Artificial rosewood

Model: IK0085Height: 130smNumber of leaves: 720pc.Beautiful decorative tree with a wooden inter..

135.00 лв

Artificial tree with color JWT2856

Model: JWT2856Height: 110cmDecorative tree with beautiful pink colors.The artificial tree has a heig..

105.00 лв


Model: JWT569-3Height: 180smColor of leaves: pinkNumber of leaves: 207Weight: 4.00kgDecorative peony..

150.00 лв

Tree of luck 220cm

Model: JWS1864Dimensions: 220cmNumber of leaves: 2163 pcs.A tree of luck is grown in many homes..

245.00 лв