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Plastic slide with swing LH-03

Model: LH-03Size: 169x170x122smMaterial: plasticThe slide has a swing attached to it.The colors on i..

380.00 лв 290.00 лв

Rattan Set Augusta

The set includes four chairs and rectangle table with glass.Model: BR126Material: Artificial (PVC) R..

520.00 лв 445.00 лв

Rattan Set Bahama

Model: BahamaChair size: 65х65х71smBench size: 114х65х71smTable size: 55х55sm The thickness of ..

410.00 лв 380.00 лв

Rattan Set Baron

The set includes two chairs, sofa for two people and table with glass trop.Model: BR8003Chair size: ..

550.00 лв 365.00 лв

Bouncing rubber balls 32mm

Bouncing rubber balls of size 32mm suitable for machines.A great attraction for children.Minimum qua..

0.45 лв

Bouncing rubber balls 45mm

Bouncing rubber balls with a size of 45mm.Minimum order quantity 400 pcs.Rubber balls suitable for m..

0.45 лв

Kiddie Ride WX-S10

Model: WX-S10Weight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride is corn-shaped.There is an interesting look that ma..

1,210.00 лв 860.00 лв

Polyethylene balls

Model: EP0032Dimensions: diameter 8cmMaterial: polyethyleneThe polyethylene balls have a diamet..

0.20 лв

Rattan Set Greece

The set includes two benches, two chairs and a table with glass.Model: GreeceChair size: 65х65х71sm...

410.00 лв 380.00 лв

Rattan Set Neron

The set C100 includes 4 armchairs and 1 round table.Model: C100Color: WhiteMaterial: Artificial (PVC..

700.00 лв 550.00 лв

Rattan Set Pelange

The set includes double sofa, two chairs and table with glass.Model: PelangeChair size: 65х65х71smSo..

510.00 лв 470.00 лв

Vase for flowers PV001

Model: PV001Dimensions: 40х110smMaterial: wickerThe vase has interesting motives, making it an ..

145.00 лв 116.00 лв

Wooden vase for flowers DV004

Model: DV004Dimensions: 18x59 cm.Material: woodBeautiful wooden decorative vase with an interes..

36.00 лв 29.00 лв

Balancing beams 219Е

Size: 598х415х20sm.Material: plasticCount beams: 4Prefabricated plastic beams for balancing 4 pieces..

790.00 лв 635.00 лв

Slide with a small swing model 424

Model: 424Size: 170х173х138smMaterial: plasticPlastic small slide with swing.Not recommended fo..

380.00 лв 290.00 лв

Kiddie plastic table

Size: 1.10х0.60mWeight : 8,30 kg.Material: plasticThe plastic table is an ideal addition for childre..

125.00 лв 110.00 лв

Kiddie ride WX-S20-3

Model: WX-S20-3El. engine: 220VWeight: 30.00kgThe kiddie ride has many colorful and beautiful colors..

1,510.00 лв 1,110.00 лв

Rattan Set Kasedy

The set includes four chairs and one square table.Model: BR2030Chair size: 45х59х90sm.Table size: 80..

870.00 лв 720.00 лв

Swinging Elephant

Colors: Red, Yellow, BlueMaterial: plasticComplement the children's game with a great elephant-like ..

75.00 лв 65.00 лв

Chair Avici

Model: BR84Sizes: 46x61x78smColor: IvoryMaterial: Artificial (PVC) RattanWeight: 6.00kgWith a classi..

125.00 лв 105.00 лв